"Everything that rises must converge." Flannery O'Connor

At Convergence Design, we desire to improve the quality of the built environment through excellent architecture, great design and sound planning.

Convergence Design is about bringing work, family and community together into a seamless whole. It’s about connecting people in every aspect of their lives, and bringing them together in positive spaces. Convergence Design values people more than design awards and values the communities where buildings exist as much as the buildings themselves. We’re about finding design solutions that are as right for a particular place as they are for a particular time.

Welcome to Convergence Design.

Recent Blog Posts

Not that Convergence Design—05/28/2019
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Life on a Line: Human Movement Through Urban Space and Time—06/28/2018
In a fascinating article, Milton Friesen describes his research into how people actually move through urbanized areas, using real data. read more...
Farewell to Tal's Hill—09/29/2016
It lasted 17 seasons, which is perhaps longer than expected, but after the Houston Astros end their home season, the notorious hill in center field, known from Minute Maid Park's opening day as Tal's Hill, will be no more. read more...
AIA takes on Dimension M—03/25/2016
As architects face ethical decisions that fall purely in the range of practice, they often discover that the greatest challenges occur when one obligation runs—headlong, it may seem—into another. read more...
Spontaneous urban planning—11/20/2015
We like grand boulevards, and sometimes you have to knock down a few buildings to get them. But much of what passes for urban planning in our schools and in our actual cities is little more than wishful thinking at best, and crippling regulation at worst. read more...

At Convergence Design, we value great communities as much as great design.

News & Announcements
Quincy Riverfront project kicks off

January 20, 2020

Convergence Design is part of a team engaged to develop a new master plan for the riverfront in Quincy, Illinois. The team gathered with a local steering committee for the first time on January 16 to begin the planning process, which is expected to take most of 2020 to complete. read more...
Schematic design complete for downtown arena

November 25, 2019

A team led by Convergence Design has completed schematic designs for a new arena in downtown Clarksville, Tennessee. The arena will be used for basketball, hockey, and concerts, and will also include a second ice sheet for practice and public skating. read more...