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Client University of Nebraska Lincoln
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
Cost 10 million
Completed 01/01/1990
Role Project programmed and designed by David Greusel, FAIA, while associated with another firm.
Architect of Record Hastings + Chivetta

The UNL Recreation Center is comprised of three buildings: a renovation of the historic Coliseum, an early home of UNL athletics for use by the volleyball program, a new recreation center attached to the Coliseum, and a new indoor practice facility attached to both of the latter buildings.

The master plan for this complex had to take into account the very tight existing site, adjacent unrelated buildings, existing underground utilities, and the project’s proximity to Memorial Stadium, home of UNL’s storied football program. The scheme inserted the new recreation center adjacent to the Coliseum in a compatible architectural vocabulary, with a major new entrance off of 14th Street that did not detract from the Coliseum’s presence on a historic quadrangle. The football practice facility to the north resides in the shadow of Memorial Stadium, minimizing its impact on the surrounding campus.

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