City of Dickinson is moving forward with an event center feasibility study.

At a special meeting Tuesday, city commissioners met with Joel Feldman and Callie Edwards, consultants with Minneapolis-based Convention, Sports & Leisure.

CSL will determine if Dickinson can support an event center, and what components would be best suited for the facility.

"Their report might say, this is a shoo-in, you should do this no matter what anybody tells you," City Administrator Joe Gaa said. "Or, this is an okay idea, but you probably need to get these players more involved. Or, you should never do this."

The consultants are reaching out this week to local businesses, organizations and vendors, and will also be contacting prospective event center users.

"Beyond those local connections, we're going to be doing a lot of phone interviews of potential user groups," Feldman said, "whether they're promoters for concerts or family shows, touring acts, public and consumer shows. Some of the events that are not necessarily coming here."

Mayor Scott Decker advocated attracting state tournaments, such as Class A basketball.

"We all know where it sits. It sits on the eastern side of the state, almost predominantly. The closest it gets to us is Bismarck," he said. "What is the viability if we have an extra sheet of ice or a basketball court with X amount of seats? Is th

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