Grand River Center adds $9 million annually to local economy

December 30, 2016

Summary: A recent study concluded that the Grand River Center has an annual economic impact of $9.7 million to the Dubuque, Iowa economy. The center opened in 2003, and has been the catalyst of the redevelopment of Dubuque's 4th Street Peninsula on the Mississippi riverfront.

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The Grand River Center in Dubuque generated nearly $10 million for the city's economy in 2016, according to its annual report.

Platinum Hospitality, which manages the events center, will present the annual report to the Dubuque City Council on Tuesday.

The report notes the event center had events 90% of the days in the past year. The report says nearly 185,000 people came to events at the center, 55,000 of them from out of town. That generated $9.7 million for the local economy, according to calculations in the report. Those numbers are all increases from the previous year.

The city will spend $383,000 this fiscal year supporting the Grand River Center's services, according to the city budget.

SMERF groups (Social, Military, Education, Religious, Fraternal) had the most events. Corporate events had the biggest increase at the Grand River Center last year while social events declined.

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