Tyson Events Center looks at long term changes and security

June 24, 2016

Summary: The link will take you to a television news story regarding our team's report on future enhancements to the Tyson Events Center in Sioux Falls. Several new ideas for the building are featured in the linked video.


Consultants say bringing live entertainment, to Sioux City, is harder than it was five or 10 years ago.

That's thanks to competition from other regional events centers. 

It's all about making what you have better. That's what city leaders say the Tyson Events Center is doing. 

"We really felt like we needed to start looking at the Tyson Events Center," said Erika Newton, Events and Facilities Executive Director. "And the physicality of the building to take a serious look at what we needed to do to start to enhance and upgrade the building to make it a newer, better version of itself." 

Consultants are looking at short-term solutions to improve the Tyson. 

"There are new buildings that have opened up in the last three years in Omaha, and Lincoln, and up in Sioux Falls," said Tom Williams, Venue Solutions group. "That it's becoming more evident to the Tyson management that it's harder to get live entertainment events here than it was five, ten years ago."

Some options include cell phone charging stations, removing or re-purposing the exterior fountain, creating table seating in seating pods, adding new suites, as well as a destination club at the northwest entry. Williams said a Wi-Fi upgrade is another solution the Tyson needs because people are constantly trying to upload and download pictures and videos on their smart phones. 

"In general the population is evolving in how they like things," said Williams. "So people are becoming more, when they go someplace they want to have similar experiences everywhere they go."

Newton said there are things that the Tyson Events Center should have that were never installed when the events center was first built. 

"There were definitely amenities that were left out due to budget constraints," said Newton. "Which is something that happens anytime you have a building that's constructed."

Consultants said the cost of short term projects could come close to $8 million. 

The Tyson is also looking five to 15-years in to the future.

Expanding the south concourse from the box office area, for a new lobby or entry, is one idea. 

Consultants said this could create more restrooms, or a new ticket area. 

Another option includes the north side of the Tyson.

When the events center was first built, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino wasn't there

Consultants said expanding the north concourse, and parking, is another long-term option.  

"Every new building comes up with something new," said Tom Williams, Venue Solutions group. "Whether it be small or something large, but that means existing buildings are getting left behind in those areas." 

The long-term improvements to the Tyson could cost more than $62 million.

And, if you're headed out to the Tyson for the Dierks Bentley concert, you may have to deal with some additional security.

In light of the Christina Grimmie shooting, in Orlando, performers are asking for additional security. 

Friday evening, security at the Tyson will closely examine all packages that are brought in to the venue and, they'll exclude some things.

"Nothing larger than 13 inches by 15 inches will be allowed into the building," said Erika Newton, Events and Facilities Executive Director. "We will be using hand-held metal detectors on everyone that comes in and do package inspections, bag inspections as people come into the building."

Sioux City Police will also be present at the concert, Friday night.

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