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Humor linked to creativity

All those years you’ve been wondering why in the world Convergence Design’s founder was wasting time being in a radio comedy group. Now it can be told: comedy makes David Greusel a better designer. Continue reading

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Code minimum

It would seem the standard 42 inch guardrail height prescribed by model building codes is perhaps insufficient for the conditions that exist at big stadiums. Continue reading

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The will to build locally

Christine G.H. Franck really gets at the heart of what this elusive “spirit of place” thing is, and why it’s important.
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Design Ethic

“To be a professional means rising above the calculus of ego and fashion to focus on issues of right and wrong.” Continue reading

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Rem defeats gravity

As I look at the photos, what annoys me even more than its anti-gravity pretensions is Milstein Hall’s complete disregard for the architecture it is glommed onto. Continue reading

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Even Goldberger dislikes Apple’s giant donut

When companies plan wildly ambitious, over-the-top headquarters, it is sometimes a sign of imperial hubris. A.T. & T. was broken up not too long after it moved into Johnson and Burgee’s famously grandiose “Chippendale skyscraper” on Madison Avenue. General Foods did not last too long after taking occupancy of the glass-and-metal palace Kevin Roche designed for it in Westchester County, and Union Carbide fell apart after it moved into another Roche building in Danbury, Connecticut. The New York Times Company’s stock price plummeted after it moved into its Renzo Piano building on Eighth Avenue, and they now lease the home they built for themselves.

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2011/09/apple-new-headquarters.html#ixzz1YdC0hSpI Continue reading

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On the enduring value of good design

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that good design has enduring value that transcends the momentary flashes of publicity that are so frequent in our profession. Continue reading

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“It’s okay for a great building not to work.” –Really??

Architect Robert A.M. Stern, dean of the Yale School of Architecture, told his fellow panelists that he believed a great building should be a good citizen and “. . . to work with the city and not against it.” Gregg Pasquarelli of SHoP Architects immediately shot back: “I disagree. Like other kinds of art, great buildings contradict everything else. They make us think. They start conversations, so people talk about what it means to fit in, what it means to have courage. It’s okay for some buildings not to work.” Continue reading

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Eastern European Gothic Revival

Disney’s animated film “Tangled” inhabits a beautiful world that is off limits to modern day architects. Why is that so? Continue reading

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