Not that Convergence Design

For almost ten years, Convergence Design has occupied a blue ocean among U.S. design firms, and we’re happy to report that streak continues. However, we have just learned of an exhibit design firm in Australia with the same name. While the risk of confusion is low (we don’t do exhibit design, and we don’t–at least for now–work in Australia), it’s worth pointing out that Convergence Design Australia is an unrelated business to the Convergence Design you know and love for the design of great places for people to gather. You can read about the other Convergence Design here:

About David Greusel

David Greusel is founding principal of Convergence Design. He has more than 30 years' experience in the architectural profession, having worked as a designer, manager, and principal in charge of projects ranging from closet remodels to new Major League ballparks.
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