"Everything that rises must converge." Flannery O'Connor

At Convergence Design, we desire to improve the quality of the built environment through excellent architecture, great design and sound planning.

Convergence Design is about bringing work, family and community together into a seamless whole. It’s about connecting people in every aspect of their lives, and bringing them together in positive spaces. Convergence Design values people more than design awards and values the communities where buildings exist as much as the buildings themselves. We’re about finding design solutions that are as right for a particular place as they are for a particular time.

Welcome to Convergence Design.

Recent Blog Posts

How to Rebuild Architecture—12/22/2014
Please click on the link to this wonderful New York Times op-ed on architecture. The authors, Steven Bingler and Martin Pedersen, have succinctly stated a view that we have long held--that the architectural tastes and fashions popular among magazine editors, college faculty and superstar practitioners don't connect with the average citizen, and that this disconnect is a problem that our profession needs to address. Highly recommended. read more...
Humor linked to creativity—03/24/2014
All those years you've been wondering why in the world Convergence Design's founder was wasting time being in a radio comedy group. Now it can be told: comedy makes David Greusel a better designer. read more...
Just what we did not need—03/04/2014
Lord Foster's idea for a network of elevated bike lanes is the worst mashup of postwar hubris and postcrash sustainability we've ever seen. read more...
Saving The Banks—01/07/2014
An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights the drain on public funds of mixed-use development near the new stadiums in Cincinnati. But perhaps in an effort to tell a cautionary tale, the AJC missed a couple much more encouraging stories from other cities that have combined publicly-funded stadiums with new development. read more...
Like your work, love your clients—11/06/2013
Having worked, at one point, in a firm that took the opposite view, it is hard to overstate the importance of this attitude. Please read the linked post at Bob Borson's excellent blog for a look into the mind of an architect we wouldn't mind getting to know. read more...

Convergence Design values the communities where buildings exist as much as the buildings themselves.

News & Announcements
Blue Water Convention Center opens in Port Huron

April 17, 2015

The new Blue Water Convention Center was dedicated on April 17 in Port Huron, Michigan. St. Clair County retained Convergence Design as a design consultant for the project to provide guidance to the design team on convention center planning and design issues. read more...
PNC Parks that might have been

March 24, 2015

Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the opening of PNC Park, writer Sean Hamill interviewed David Greusel for Pittsburgh Magazine on the genesis of the design for the Burgh's iconic ballpark. David pulled out some old drawings to show options that were considered and, thankfully, discarded. read more...
Little Rock considers indoor sports venue

March 17, 2015

Convergence Design was part of a team led by Crossroads Consulting Services that is advising the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau on the feasibility of an indoor sports venue to attract tournament teams from out of state. The team's preliminary report was delivered March 16 to the LRCVB's Board of Commissioners. read more...
Bismarck's growing pains open new possibilities

March 01, 2015

An article in the Bismarck Tribune highlights work done by Crossroads Consulting Services and Convergence Design for the City of Bismarck, ND. The study looks at public facilities in the area and assesses the need for new or upgraded facilities. read more...